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Volunteers are the “Backbone” :

The involvement of youth and volunteers play a pivotal role in the implementation of PRC’s activities and maintain strong links and regular interaction with the targeted communities. The engagement of volunteers in building community resilience also contributes to the sustainability of the programs and ensures a permanent presence of PRC at community level.

PRC, through extended outreach partnerships, will strengthen its existing volunteer base and significantly contribute to the IFRC Global Initiative of “One Billion Coalition for Resilience”. PRC will establish Community Emergency Response Teams of volunteers in all districts as well to strengthen the disaster response capacity. In a phased approach, PRC will enhance its presence and reach out to all communities, nationwide. It will train its volunteers (Red Crescent Corps) in promoting a culture of healthy and safe living. Our volunteers will be recruited from schools, colleges and universities, communities and different professions.

Core Activities:

Promote a culture of healthy and safe living in their community.
Prepare and respond to any emergency or disaster.
Hazard profiling and mitigation efforts in their own area.
Cleanliness drives to reduce spread of disease.
Awareness campaigns to promote road safety.
Perform duties during community congregations i.e. Moharram, Rabi-ul-Awal and Eids.
“Go Green” – tree plantation and related activities.
Promote a culture of peace, tolerance and non-violence through Community Watch.

Our Vision

“To be the leading humanitarian organization of Pakistan, which is dynamic, self-reliant and committed to preventing and alleviating human sufferings at the national and international level, while acting in compliance with fundamental principles and humanitarian values of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement”


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Our Mission

To alleviate the suffering of the most vulnerable population by mobilizing the power of humanity.”

Our Mandate


Pakistan Red Crescent (PRC) is a statutory body constituted and governed by an “Act of Parliament”. It was founded in Pakistan on December 20, 1947 by an Order called “The Pakistan Red Cross Order” issued by Quaid-e-Azam, as Governor General of Pakistan and Founding President of the Society.

Pakistan Red Crescent  is part of an ‘International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement’ which has three components, i.e., International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) dealing with Disaster Response, Health Services, Organizational Development and Dissemination of Humanitarian Values, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), dealing with conflict, prisoners of war and Geneva Conventions, and National Societies. Pakistan Red Crescent  became part of the ICRC on 21st July 1948 and was admitted as member of IFRC on 18th August 1948.

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